Same great product in new, easier to handle packaging

All of our types of 3/4″ Rubber Mulch including, KinderMulch, RhinoMulch, EquestraTurf, and MilitaryMulch, are now available in 40 lbs bags*! Order in bundles of:

13 bags = 520 lbs
25 bags = 1,000 lbs
50 bags = 2,000 lbs

Each bag covers approximately 8  sq. ft. at a 2″ depth.


All products are curbside delivery only – no exceptions.
All products are made to order and ship after production. For more about shipping, visit our FAQ page.

Production estimates (does not include shipping time)
40 lbs bags: 1 – 3 business days (Natural Black)
40 lbs bags: 3 – 5 business days (All colors except Natural Black)

Benefits of our 3/4″ Rubber Mulch

  • Non-biodegradable, low maintenance
  • Drains quickly even after heavy rain
  • Will not decompose, compress, mold or freeze
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Helps to suppress weed growth
  • Does not attract insects or animals
  • ADA approved and meets ASTM F-1292 and ASTM F-1951
  • IPEMA certified for a 16′ fall at a 6″ depth.
  • Six vibrant colors to choose from
  • 99.9% metal-free
  • 12-year color warranty. Color will not wash off, rub off, or stain clothing*
  • Will not stain clothing or skin*
  • Our products are made from recycled tires. Each ton of rubber mulch recycles 134 tires and saves countless trees!

Your mulch can look beautiful year after year! Rubber mulch puts an end to the yearly cycle of replacing the decaying mulch. When installed properly, our rubber mulch will withstand extreme elements while maintaining its nugget-like appearance and brilliant color for years.

Shipping & Production

All of our bagged rubber mulch will be shrink wrapped on a skid for shipping.

Shipping Info | All products are made to order and ship after production

Production estimates (does not include shipping time)
All of our 40 lbs bagged rubber mulch is hand crafted and stacked causing our production time to be longer than our bulk super sack rubber mulch. Our current production time is estimated to be:
14 business days

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The Recycled Rubber Products Guarantee

Manufactured at our plant in Joliet, IL, our rubber mulch is American-made from 100% recycled tires. RRP’s family business is a pioneer of rubber mulch and we proudly stand behind our rubber mulch products and guarantee their quality.

*Natural Black rubber mulch can mark clothing or skin.
*Because we use recycled products to produce our rubber mulch, there will be slight discrepancies within size, color, and weight of all our rubber mulch products.

Bulk Mulch

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